“Simone is a producer-fixer-networker-fundraiser-collaborator of rare talent.” 

Jon Brandeis, President, Brandeis Media

“I’ve had the great pleasure and fortune of collaborating with Simone on my narrative film THE TALE and my documentary FLYING: Confessions of a Free Woman. Simone has a superb understanding of the true potential of visual storytelling to something larger, transcending beyond the screen. She has this unique mix of not only getting the artistic vision but also translating it into the realities of marketing, funding, and distribution — and then taking a step further by building large social issue engagement campaigns. For us filmmakers who connect art with social impact, what a dream to have a producing collaborator with such smarts, passion, and an eye towards making a difference.”

Jennifer Fox, writer/director/producer

“It’s been an absolute pleasure collaborating with Simone on my film ESCAPE FIRE. In a roller coaster business, she’s a rock, she’s passionate and creative in all aspects of her work.”

Matt Heineman, filmmaker

“Simone is an incredible collaborator, executor, and strategist. By far one of the best producing partners we’ve worked with, she has a terrific work ethic and a great ability to get things done.  She continually impresses, and we often find ourselves marveling at how much we enjoy working with her. We hope our relationship with her continues for a very long time.”

Tom Donahue and Ilan Arboleda, Creative Chaos vmg

“Simone is one of those rare professionals who has been able to adapt her passion and skills across sectors: gov’t, corporate and nonprofit. It gives her insight and empathy for different audiences and the roles they need to play to do something big.”

Aaron Hurst, CEO of Imperative. Author of The Purpose Economy. Founder of Taproot Foundation

“Simone came to us with ideas on how to build our film program through forming associations with other like-mindeds. Her impact on our growth has been phenomenal, from grant $s awarded to out-reach and word of mouth. We also made a documentary on cutting edge Brain research, during which I was reminded that Simone’s also a phenomenal producer! Most importantly, with Simone’s input, this summer we launched the 202020 Summer Graduate Film Program with Christine Vachon of Killer Films.” 

Magdalene Brandeis, Associate Director, Stony Brook Graduate Program, Digital Filmmaking

“I was fortunate to work directly with Simone on Escape Fire, collaborating on the film’s theatrical release and social impact campaign. She was a brilliant and thoughtful leader, and her passion for the project shined through.”

Christie Marchese, Founder and Executive Director, Picture Motion

“Simone and I co-produced my film Body & Soul: Diana & Kathy. Simone was with me through the long haul starting from early production to post; getting the film thru two rounds of grant funding, PBS and Academy requirements, and then significant marketing and outreach. Simone’s patience, willingness and professionalism were a great asset in the extended process of getting a documentary film edited, funded and broadcast. Her commitment was to making the film have an impact both commercially and on the larger policy issues. She cares about the story, the characters, and how they can make a difference. It was a great run working together.”

Alice Elliot, director, producer

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